Attorney and Staff

Caryn A. Van Matre, Esquire

Attorney at Law

I strive to give effective and aggressive representation for you and your loved ones. My reputation and history of successful litigation spans two decades, focused on family law.

I treat you with respect, while giving honest and straight-forward advice.  I and my staff make a genuine effort to zealously protect your interests and guide your case in a way that serves your best interests and the best interests of your family.  You can rest assured that we are on YOUR  side.

Teressa Duke and Catherine Freeman

Legal Assistants

Teressa and Catherine are committed to assisting my clients in  the gathering of information and the presentation of your case. 

Teressa has over twenty years  of experience and her knowledge of the workings of a family law case is vast.   

Catherine has experience in a broad area of legal issues.  She works closely with clients. 

Both of my assistants are available to schedule a consultation.  They treat every case with care and professionalism.  

As an experienced provider of family law services, we take pride in offering compassionate and effective legal representation. We are dedicated to servicing the needs of our clients with skill and expertise every day. We represent clients in a variety of matters. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

Caryn A. Van Matre, Esquire   

Family law Attorney                                                                

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